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User Manual


1. Ensure that the WiFi
device frequency band is 2.4GHz
2. The 5GHz frequency band is not supported when it is turned off

Safety Instructions

• Keep The Power Off During Installation (Before You Cover The Panel)

• Check The Terminal Connections Before Wiring

• Connect The Device In Accordance With The Relevant Diagrams

• Ensure That No Bare Wires From The Terminals In Case Of Electric Shock

General Wiring Instructions

1. L Terminal Connect To Live Wire
2. N Terminal Connect To Neutral Wire
3. L1 L2 L3 Terminals Connect To Light Wire

Warning: Don’t Switch On The Appliance Before Installation Is Finished Completely

Installation Steps

1. Open The Box, Take Out The Parts, Distinguish The Front And Back Of The Metal Plate

(Note: The Side With CE And RoHS Is The Back Side)

2. Assemble Insert Parts And Metal Plate

(Note: Push The Insert Parts Into Metal Plate From The Front Side)

3. Follow The Wiring Instructions To Connect The Wires

4. Screw To Fix The Switch To The Wall Box

5. Push The Glass Panel Onto The Device And Finish The Installation 

Note: Only The Metal Plate Notch Side Match With The Glass Panel Notch Side, They Can Be Assembled Together Successfully

Warning: Keep The Power Off Until You Finish The Installation Otherwise The Switch May Fail

Disassemble Precautions

Separate The Glass Panel And Metal Plate From The Groove With A Screwdriver (Just In Case The Glass Panel Is Scratched)

Wiring Diagram

1 Way Wifi Switch

Note: Neutral Wire Is Required To Be Connected

Wiring Diagram

2 Way Wifi Switch

Note: Neutral Wire Is Required To Be Connected

Wiring Diagram

WiFi Dimmer Switch

Note: Can only support dimmable LED lights and incandescent lights. If you use it together with other lamps, Lamps may flash

Wiring Diagram

WiFi Curtain Switch

Note: Neutral Wire Is Required To Be Connected

Wiring Diagram

Single Live WiFi Switch

Install The Capacitor To Work As A Single Live Switch

Note: The Capacitor Should Be Connected To Bulb1 Terminal As Below

Download And Register

• Download The “SMART LIFE” Or “TUYA” App From The App Store/Google Player Or Scan The QR Code Below.

• Register an account and log in

Connect Steps

• Connect Your Smartphone To WIFI And Turn On The Bluetooth

• Long Press The Button On Switch Till The LED Indicator Flicker Rapidly (Make Sure The WIFI Switch Is Powered)

• Open The APP, And Then The Device Will Appear Automatically

Tip: Only 2.4GHz WIFI Standard Is Supported Not Supports 5.0GHz

• Input Your Password To Start Adding

• Wait For The Adding Process To End

• Successful Pairing Will Be Confirmed

Home Centre Icons:

Icon “ + ” Refers To Device Adding Process Icon “   ” Refers To Device Rename Option

Voice Control:

Connect Smart Life With Amazon Alexa Or Google Home, You Can Voice Control Your WiFi Sockets


Input: AC 90-240V 50/60Hz

RF Frequency: 433.92MHz

Life Time: 100,000Times

Operating System: IOS/Android

WiFi Frequency: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

WiFi Standard: 2.4GHz b/g/n

Operating Temp: -20℃ to 70℃

Ambient Humidity: ≤95%

WiFi Consumption: ≤0.2W